We are so glad you chose to join us for the relaunch of RF Online!
I hope you have your levelling shoes on, because we have some fantastic prizes for our top levellers on the new server Novus!*
For first 5th highest levelled player of each race the runner up prize.

To help you reach the highest level possible, we have the following events for you:
Rate Boost: EXP (including Animus), PT are set at 6x until March 11th to help you get off to a great start!

Item Rewards: Once you reach a certain level, we will give you some items to help you on your journey:

Level Reward Choice of:

45 Level 45 Intense Armor (5 slots, no talics) melee, ranged, force
50 Level 50 Intense Armor (5 slots, no talics) melee, ranged, force
55 Level 55 Intense Armor (5 slots, no talics) melee, ranged, force

To get these rewards you must send a message to [USER=1]@admin[/USER] with the following information by March 25, 2018 (11:59PM):

1. Character Name
2. Character Level
3. Bellato / Cora / Accretia
4. Warrior / Ranger / Force / Launcher

Please keep in mind that it might take over 24 hours for us to get to your message!
The more messages you send, the longer it will take for us to respond!

1. Anyone caught glitching or hacking in any way will be permanently banned and disqualified.
2. Highest level will be determined by character level at midnight on March 26.

Like & Share Event

If you want to join the event, Click the Link Below and Share it!

Link: Click Me!

Warning: Please follow the Step by step stated on the post so you wont get disqualified.

Prize: 300CC & 2 days premium
Other will get 50CC guaranteed!

Best Regards

Hello everyone and welcome to Monster Battle!
We have a hypothetical question for you! If an Assassin Builder A and Crawler Rex Protector got into a fight, who do you think would win? Feel free to get creative!

We will have two winners chosen at random, each getting a 100 CC reward.

Do not forget to include your IGN with your answer!

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