In behalf of cora race....

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    In behalf of cora race, not sure if this is Aho's doing, I would like to apologize.. not sure what he has in mind, but as far as I know, elan should be safe during GR (dwindling population etc. but this is not a written rule, its just respect with ea. other) but since last night, he has been killing ppl here. :( iwish i was on, but everytime I came back from work, killing ended, sometimes acc/bells also kills us as revenge.. but sad for those AFK players.
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    I Agree whit you about "respect from eachother races". BUT this server is a pvp server and this guy can kill enemies on elan to let just his own race to farm and be strong.

    nothing wrong or out of RULES.

    Let the figth beggins!

    an Old and Proud Acc.
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    you see sir. he only kills when ppl are afk.. so if he kills ppl (other race), those ppl will take revenge on his afk mates in elan.. so where does the word 'own race to farm and be strong' comes in? We can't even reach 4 ppl during cw haha and i believe these lowbies are all alts only.

    so there's a thin line being arrogant and truly helping his race. we dont event see him mine anymore because he has g7 summons i think.. so he does not care anymore.
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    This is the kind of RL we have... I heard some stories from FTP, but haven't heard it all yet. Anyway, this will not make us quit this race. He can make his world smaller though.


    PS: I just also learned that he is angry because FTP won the election... i don't care about whose RL is, but seems like he is greedy as he shows he is.. at first I thought he is a cool guy.. sad and actually surprised.. for a 3 man-ed race (atm), he acts like this..
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    In my opinion its a race problem and do not needed to show to everyone. This Guy Ahow~ do not using bug abuser or somelike so i do not agree to made post's like this.
    its like an cry post and this situation has to been solved by your own guys.

    i just hope you guys can solve it and back to figth together btw.

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    i rly agreed whit you.
    thats an pointless post about some internal race problem and i dont even see a reason to do some against Ahown or another evolved peoples.

    obs: i do not agree whit this "peace mode" on elan because this server was suposed to be a pvp server so for me we have to figth eachother to take control for minning event and this advantage give's when upgrade Maus/Animus and gold to buy Golden SK's.

    ~Armored Rider
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    This will be okay if the population for all races is equal. I agree on pvp you all talking but i think you guys already have max animuses/maus therefore you dont understand the point of someone who joins the server in a month.

    Btw, when I entered this server this peace mode is already in place, therefore as a consul, i think i have the right to apologize as to what other corite has been doing. We cannot control what other players is doing either way.

    The point of my second screenshot is just to show that our ex RL went nuts mode.

    And this is a forum in a general discussion thread, not a reporting thread, forum is free for all use. This is not a cry post, this is a for general information as there are multiple alts pming cursing us for cora behavior.

    Thanks all.