ONGOING PB Spawn Event for the week-end

Discussion in 'Event Announcements' started by Rolghen, Sep 16, 2017.

  1. Rolghen

    Rolghen Game Master Staff Member Community Manager

    Hello MID-WAY players,

    I will summon some PB after evening CW, around 22h00 UTC.
    I hope to see you all online to collect as many items as you can :)
  2. Villar

    Villar Newbie

    Sorry if I cant post here! Is this a every weekend event? Like gold rush? Or just happens once? And if just happens once is there any day it will happen again?
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  3. alvinhofer

    alvinhofer Newbie

    i hope so.
  4. alvinhofer

    alvinhofer Newbie

    Hi, is there any chance we will have an event like PB Hunt every weekend? because some players are waiting & wanting for it. They got bored and well IDK if they quitted. Hopefully the event will occur often. -GunFarmeR/ACC