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  1. wilson9

    wilson9 Newbie

    this server is too low ppl
    i just playing solo
    and why this damage very low in this server? so hard to leveling
    answer pls
  2. admin

    admin Administrator Staff Member Server Developer


    We are working on get more populations. The damage system is fully standart, it's looks like because, you will need up your PT, as you know PT have direct depend on character params and also there is no any returnee imbalance weapons.

    By the way, in last update, we will reworked all quests with decreasing monsters amount and increase exp rewards, try to make quests.
  3. wilson9

    wilson9 Newbie

    ic, cos i dont have any idea with the damage. Just hit 20-30 with int weap.
    the standart param of the damage is very different from another server btw.
    but hopefully we can get more ppl to play and PL lol
  4. admin

    admin Administrator Staff Member Server Developer

    As i said, damage and other params depends from pt. On all other server (instead of official, on create character you have already GM PT/FORCE/SKILL), thats why the diffrent is.
  5. brago

    brago Newbie

    as you get 35lvl there is a quest to kill Chuty. After all the quests you have from 3 to 5kk, well, after killing 2 choties there were 2 items. just 2 after each one. how everyone suppose to lvl up when its connected to quests that much and 1x99 3k HP pots worth 250k. spend all money on pots and get 0 maps required from quest? lol
  6. Wojtek

    Wojtek Newbie

    pots its expensive but during killing chooty its easy to farm if you will lot all
    on chooty i spent more then 2h but i get maps
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