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    Hello RF Online,

    There is no any updates or news for a long time.
    What type of changes / updates do you think server is needed? Please discuss and argue only in this topic. We will read and answer on every message in this topic.


    User: Some your Text.

    admin: Approved.
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  2. matrix

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    I thought evryone gave a shed load of suggestions to GM Rolghen
  3. Rolghen

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    I transmitted some pertinent one :)
    But feel free to write your proposal here
  4. Creed

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    Hello guys! Well my inventory and storage is already full of Mantle upgraders.. you cant sell them nor drop them.. The problem is though mantle upgraders are cool and all some of them become trash in the inventory once you have upgraded your Jetpack... so may I respectfully suggest to make them sellable?

    Thank you very much!

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  5. firerider

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    From watching mecha upgrade his MB ive noticed 2 things.
    1. To get the 4 arcane items it costs 12.5b, max you can hold is 2b. Might be nice to up it to 20b so you can actualy hold enough to upgrade it all in 1 go
    2. The amount of steps needed for the upgrading seems silly, why cant it just be a single item which is worth the same and have the upgrade cost the full amount in 1 go
    //You will need only time to upgrade with 100% chance, instead of farming a lot of equipment and trying upgrade.
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  6. neil

    neil User

    1. Upgrading is too expensive and tedious. (maus,mantles,elems) would be much appreciated if we can lower the amount of money when upgrading since we can only hold 2b in 1 char and % of upgrading items is too low.
    2. I would also like to suggest some item drops during CWs. weaps/elems/armors/upgraders, which ever. this is to encourage other players to join CWs. not just by some but should be the whole race as much as possible. this can also help the newbies if they can loot some elems during CWs - rentals or what not. ive seen ppl just doing PBs during CWs instead of joining in.
    3. Sorting out items. Seems that when you open boxes for elem upgraders, they dont sort out. talics and other stuff like runes, dont sort out too even when putting them in the storage. you need to do it manually.
    4. Or we can add some other during weekdays since weekends, ppl tend to be AFK in Elan.
    5. Golden Piggies. It's been a while since the last reset. can we do it every week instead?
  7. northy

    northy User

    Sorting out the Grade 7 animus damage on Hecate, Isis and Piamon as they hit far to hard and the damage is ridiculous, hecate can solo players, piamon hits for around 7k and isis is usless, also upping the heal on inanna as it only heals for 3k.

    Grade 7 maus may also need sorting too.

    Re set cpt once every 2-3 months back to 100k so it gives a chance for new players to become archons instead of the same people all the time, also saves cpt hugging.

    Why you didn't create a topic with a problem animus damage? It's section only for your suggestions, but you'll continue reporting currents bugs here.
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  8. vansordinary

    vansordinary Newbie

    its not fun if we┬┤re just leveling in naroom til 70, can you make some spot for leveling in ELF? maybe.
    Sette is damn useless. it will be fun if we can fight in the middle of sette and we can also protect or attack other races port.

    //What ELF? Elf map is disabled, why are you talking about elf map then? If Elf map will be activated, you will killed all other high level maps.
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  9. loth0989

    loth0989 Newbie

    1.) Increase normal elemental accessories drops both in HQ and race settlements <-- this one
    2.) Make legendary items more accessible? <-- kindly ignore, i Just found out legendary items are deleted.
    3.) Promotional events <--- video making contest to promote the server, invitational player rewards to invitee (unique 'new' players not alt) and returnee player awards
    4.) Update the server information.. seems that the information regarding what the server offers is already outdated (base on experience I have been trying to farm for legendary items for the past few days only to find out in game that they are not available anymore :( - since I am following what the server information is saying.

    5.) CW win drop for winning race (not sure about the items, but I just found out that when you win, no drop after chip's destruction
    6.) Make armor drop box race specific per monster, not one monster to drop all box (67 - 70 armor boxes) so for example Naroom crawler captain drops ACC armor boxes, cremul snatcher captain drops cora and kukra vafer captain for Bells

    Thank you.

    //For all your points, what concrete?
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  10. Andrewzex

    Andrewzex Newbie

    1) Made Mantle upgrade , Pvp Item Shop and Golden Pig itens tradeable/dropped, because its really sucks when you got a lot of mantle upgrade and cant give to friends or sold it to let some slots free. (for example = i bring a friend to server and i got 20k pvp points but i cant bougth a elemental and give him)
    2) Server need a vote sistem again (even if give's only GP or PvP points) because server got a few active peoples and for a PvP server its not the point.
    3) CW's Drops = Some 70d weapons or armor(even if drop like 1 weapon and 1 armor type) , some normal elementals , some GP capsules , some PvP points. whit this bonuses made peoples attend CW and figth for a real reason , to get itens to be strong and powerfull.
    4) Increases PB drops
    - HQ's PB's are fine.
    - Numeros/haram/213/217/anacade PB's = Increase a mantle type 2 drops , better rate on elementals it will be fine.
    - DDD's reduct a spawn time to 3 days
    5) Made Crystal talics Usefull again , even if use like 100 TC to get some part or weapon 70d for example.
    6) Upgrade maximum amount of money we can carry because its sux we just got like 2b and use like 13b to upgrade animus/maus.
    7) Made some Facebook page to catch some new peoples , made some elementals giveaways time to time on this page to people like and share post and automaticaly we got more players to server.

    1) Ok, will think about it.
    2) No, we don't need any vote system, it's useless.
    3) Approved.
    4) Approved, but with some changes.
    5) Approved, but with some changes.
    6) Impossible for security reason.
    7) https://www.facebook.com/mdtgame/?ref=your_pages
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  11. Coluciouse

    Coluciouse User

    Make it so all the type D gear that you get from PBs can be race changed to your own race
  12. matrix

    matrix Newbie

    am not sure why you think this is a bug, its a dev generated update that needs adjusting, its not a bug!
  13. Creed

    Creed Newbie

    Due to different timezones some players are unable to participate in PB Hunts (I am referring to 3D, ringleader and draco)..These PBs together with other EPBs spawn in the same schedule.. May I respectfully suggest then to make the spawn of these PBs not all at once and make it in Random?? For instance, the PBs are killed today then after 4 days they will spawn again but in random time of the day so as to give chance to other players to participate in the hunt.
  14. Deathlok21

    Deathlok21 Newbie

    Hello there,

    I played MID-WAY server back in the time we had that RF 1.5 version, it was fun, i guess that was about two years ago, anyway, now i'm here at this pvp server, i also play the official American server and from there i will give a suggestion:

    1- Implement auto-target (TAB button), you can program at the "Options" Window, if you wanna your auto-target to scroll around acc,bell,cora, mobs /pbs or all of them at once :Biggrin:

    2-As i played back in the RF 1.5 server as a cora specialist, i'm playing this class here at this moment, then i saw the sealed animus has got the same size of the normal animus, then if possible, i suggest to bring them back to its normal size, which is quite smaller than the others.

    3- The auto-buff at cora race when you are in hq or elan, that was a nice idea :Yahoo:, but we have the celerity buff, as i can see that buff is not necessary, because every cora class has access to that GMed buff when you make a char lvl 1, could be replaced by another.

    As for the moment, those are my suggestion, while i keep playing, i will come with more ideas / suggestions.
  15. neil

    neil User

    I hope you would also check on mau riders (ARs). If other classes will have stronger weapons/armors and maus will have the same, then ARs are most likely doomed. hope we'll have an update about that too. like higher mau bless upgrade or something. worst case scenario - maus will be squishier. xD
  16. anchcola

    anchcola Newbie

    ---Is there any way we can have better loot? Like pvp and gold capsules. I am having a hard time farming burn ash that drops 1-5 gp capsules. The reality is I can get 0-3 and lucky to have 5 but mostly 1-2 or even ZERO.
  17. Deathlok21

    Deathlok21 Newbie

    Here we go another suggestion, those charms and generatorz we buy at npc in hq, it could stack up to 5, because at moment you buy 5 pieces and it occupies 5 different slot of your bag per type of item.

    Other suggestion almost similar to this one, at guilds room, we can see that hp potions stack up to 250 per slot, i don't know if is possible, to make the same with the amount of hp potions our chars can carry. :Boredom:
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  18. firerider

    firerider Newbie

    Actualy, just buy 1 of them, they r already changed so 1 of them acts as 5
  19. Deathlok21

    Deathlok21 Newbie

    oh i did not know about this, thanks for the info.
  20. dayataps

    dayataps Newbie

    Remove runes pls (all kinds of runes).